Work, Train or Volunteer with Cassel

"Playing a part in developing the next generation of professionals is very important to us."

Christine De Ionno, Chief Executive

At the Cassel Centre we offer fantastic opportunities for work experience and training. We are a broad group of staff, therapists, students and volunteers.

To support our educational aims, the Cassel Centre provides work experience placements for a diverse group including:-

    • Students at BA and MA level in social work;
    • A broad range of counselling and psychotherapy therapists at diploma, degree and higher level;
    • CBT therapists;
    • Arts and drama therapists;
    • International social work and psychology students;
    • People on administration or IT courses and other professional training courses.

Our Commitment to training our staff, students, Associates and volunteers

1) All workers who deliver direct services to clients receive clinical supervision (1 – 1½ hours per week).

2)  We carry out regular one hour training and development sessions for various categories of worker:

  • weekly training to all workers who provide direct services to clients;
  • two once-weekly groups for clinical supervisors (one experienced supervisor’s group; one trainee supervisor’s group);
  • weekly teaching and learning sessions for referral team members;
  • weekly debriefing sessions to referral team members and ad-hoc sessions to others who conduct intake assessments.

3) Safeguarding training:  Lewisham Safeguarding Training is arranged for all workers who work with vulnerable individuals and families. This includes both basic training and additional specialist topics.

4) External training for individuals is approved and organised in accordance with individual and organisational training needs.

Our Work, Training and Volunteering Facilities:

From time to time there are opportunities to join us – for example very experienced therapists may join as an Associate, while every year we take a small group of social workers in training, a group of counsellors / psychotherapists in training, plus one or two international students.

We also welcome volunteers who can offer office and administration support skills to help our professional team.