Social Work

Social workers work on behalf of, or in the interests of people to enable them to deal with personal and social difficulties and obtain essential resources and services.

Social workers attempt to relieve and prevent hardship and suffering.

They have a responsibility to help individuals, families, groups and communities through the provision of appropriate services and by contributing to social planning.

The Cassel Centre provides a range of social services identified as gaps in local provision.

This includes supervised contact for women with issues of mental ill health who are not living with their children.

At The Cassel Centre, we have fully trained and qualified and trainee social workers. They provide services including:

  • Advocacy, liaison
  • Finding appropriate resources
  • Therapeutic play sessions to support children experiencing a range of problems e.g. bullying, relationships, separation or loss.
  • Applying for grants and giving other practical support and advice.

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Social Work Training:

The Cassel Centre is a major training centre for Social Workers and provides valuable work experience placements for trainees from universities.