How to Access Our Services

How to access our counselling or social work services

Many people are referred to us by a health or social work professional – such as a GP, community mental health worker or social worker. Clients also come to us directly having looked for a counselling service through, for example, a website such as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Whichever route, we will make an arrangement for an initial confidential discussion over the phone so that we can assess with you what service might be most appropriate and what we can offer. This will take about 30 minutes and will involve telling us something about your life, what you feel your problems are and what you hope to get from counselling.

We will also ask some general questions about your background. You may ask any questions you may have about counselling.

If for any reason it is not possible for you or the person you are referring to have a conversation on the phone we may be able to arrange a face-to-face discussion.

If you feel that The Cassel Centre could help you or your client, please get in touch: our dedicated team of professional staff are ready to help.

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